I was educated both in the U.S. and abroad, exposing me to a range of cultures and value systems. My graduate school work was done at USC in Los Angeles and my early clinical training received at Vista Del Mar Childcare Services and Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles, both well regarded facilities. Over many years I have taken thousands of hours of training with a range of clinical “Masters,” learning classic theories and methods as well as more contemporary approaches involving our ever increasing knowledge of the brain and mind. I have always and continue to study a wide range of psychological and spiritual books, attempting to glean knowledge from sources of wisdom from all over the world.

Since 1984 I have served this community, providing Los Angeles therapy to children, teens, parents and couples counseling seeking solutions to a range of clinical/life problems. I work closely with teachers, school psychologists, psychiatrists and testing psychologists, welcoming the expertise of others in the speediest resolution of whatever ails.

My own earlier participation in individual and group therapy have helped me to be the person I am today. I believe deeply in the sanctity and power of the process. I am grateful to enjoy the benefits of a 26 year long marriage. My wife (also a Los Angeles therapist) and I have raised a son and a daughter who are thriving young people we are proud to be connected to. Every day is another opportunity to breathe, see, listen, taste, feel, reflect, grow and share this amazing life.



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