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Ancient Sabbath Therapy

Stress and stress related illnesses are on the rise in this country. The most common solutions for this national ailment are medications, stress reduction programs, yoga, meditation etc. Few health practitioners would ever think to prescribe to a long-standing tradition rooted in the foundation of the three major religions of the world-a Sabbath.

According to true adherents of the Sabbath idea, the Sabbath is not merely a time to light a few candles, say a few prayers and get together for another good meal. For the Sabbath to have its true value and meaning, the Sabbath needs to be a time away from the usual demands of the material world, a refuge from producing, profiting and “proving” oneself. The Sabbath in its true sense is an opportunity to be fully human, to be at rest, at one with the moment to moment unfolding of existence, an opportunity to fully experience the magnificence and beauty of creation.

Whether one is a religious person or not, allowing a true Sabbath experience for a full day and a night, restores mind, body and soul, allowing one to reenter the work world invigorated and inspired. The value of this can only be known by actually experiencing it. A true Sabbath is highly therapeutic and I suggest, become part of the range of therapeutic suggestions made by members of the healing arts.