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Chronic Pain: A Mind Body Approach

Anyone paying attention to the news media will notice an abundance of advertising promoting a range of treatments for chronic pain such as muscle, back and neck pain. Typical medical treatment for such conditions includes chiropractic adjustments, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain blockers, and sometimes steroids. If all fails, surgery is often recommended.

Unfortunately most physicians do not have the time to spend the time necessary to find out the details of the patients emotional life-their relationship concerns, parental worries, personal stressors, etc. Fortunately more evidence is surfacing to substantiate the efficacy of mind body treatment approaches which address the emotional issues of the individual and which result in reduction in previously unexplained physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, skin conditions, headaches, digestive ailments and more. For more information on mind body approaches such as TMS-Tension Myocitis Syndrom (John Sarno, MD) recently renamed PPD-Psychophysiologic Disorder refer to