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    It is my belief that couples are drawn to each other in the hope that together they will provide each other with a cocoon of safety and acceptance in which both will be able heal from past wounds and disappointments and in which both will be able to grow in to people they can be proud of. It is with great shock and pain that too often couples find themselves that not only have they not been able to bring out the best in each other but that they have wounded and disappointed each other deeply. In working with couples through couples therapy & premarital counseling I help them develop listening skills, forgive each others failures and develop the ability to soothe each other through the anxieties of building deeper trust and intimacy.


    Recent studies of the mind and emotions have taught the psychotherapy field a great deal more about marriage builders & how to successfully treat relationships that are failing despite people’s conscious wish and efforts to do better together. If you feel stuck and can’t break out of old repetitive and painful patterns, you are not alone. Creating the safety and ideal conditions for deep intimacy between a couple to emerge and remain is not as easy as it looks in the movies. So often people hurt and disappoint each other even when they don’t intend to. I welcome the opportunity to help you to create or recreate the relationship of your dreams as you originally hoped it would be.


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