• Stress Illness

    Treatment of Stress Illness also known as TMS (Tension Myocitis Syndrome) and PDD (Psychophysiologic Disorder).


    Do you suffer from chronic stress and pain with no solution in sight?


    Are you someone who has difficulty managing your emotions, feels overwhelmed and ends up repressing what you feel? For many people repressed emotions can result in physical pain and harmful stress conditions such as back ache, neck ache, skin outbreaks and headaches. Psychological problems such anxiety, depression and low self esteem can also ensue.


    With the proper professional help deep personal conflicts and emotions can be unlocked and released so as to allow the sufferer to begin to enjoy a healthier and more joyful physical and emotional life.


    By developing a trusting relationship with the right professional you can begin to live the life you were meant to live, find more vitality inside and free yourself from the wounds, fears and doubts that keep you trapped. Don’t put off getting help any longer.

    Having been a psychotherapist for over 30 years I offer you years of experience in the treatment of psychophysiologic conditions. Contact me to see how I can help.


    As a trained TMS/PPD mind/body oriented psychotherapist, I have repeatedly witnessed patients with chronic pain and stress begin to experience long-awaited relief as they are helped to begin to face the true cause of their pain and most importantly, arrive at a new emotional and cognitive understanding of what their problem actually is. For many years I too suffered a chronic back condition which periodically left me in a virtually crippled state, unable to move. Despite excellent chiropractic help, massage etc., relief was only temporary. It is with great gratitude that I learned about TMS/PPD and saw a practitioner with whom I made great strides. I used to be afraid to pick up my children and moved about in a limited and cautious manner. The relief I have experienced has inspired me to pass on this gift and work to bring relief to others.


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