• My Philosophy

    My practice is based upon a foundation of:
    a) Ethical principles of honesty and integrity, necessary for a safe therapeutic alliance to flourish
    b) Solid grounding in well accepted and proven therapeutic theory and practice,
    c) Continuing education to stay abreast of the most recent discoveries regarding new and effective ways to help people change and solve problems preventing them from living healthy, satisfying lives
    d) Providing quality service to a diverse population of people all of whom deserve an opportunity to live a good life if willing to work for it and
    e) Joint responsibility on the part of therapist and client, both working towards the achievement of agreed upon goals and dreams.

    My Mission

    My mission as a psychotherapist is to make whatever contributions I can to improve the quality of life on Earth for all those who wish, in good spirit, to take advantage of the many gifts and opportunities that this life can offer. The more people there are who live with some degree of Self-awareness, Self-discipline and an ability to develop their “Higher Loving Self,” the greater the chances are that people will make the choices necessary to improve the human condition for themselves and for those living around them.

    My Vision

    It is my hope that as neuroscience, medicine, science, psychology and spiritual disciplines provide deeper understanding of the brain, the mind, our thoughts, emotions and impulses, we humans may learn to better participate in true dialogue with each other, listening to understand, choosing to love, rather than waiting to prevail and dominate.

  • More about me

    Having been in practice for well over 27 years has given me lots of opportunity to see what actually helps people who REALLY want to change their lives. Merely talking about something that is bothering you once a week to a well meaning and caring person, might help you to feel soothed for the moment, but it won't necessarily help you to develop self care skills, a healthy mind and a positive relationship with yourself, all essential to living a satisfying life, enjoying good relationships and raising successful children.


    To become a resilient person who can steer oneself through all the challenges that life offers and take the risks which are required to fully actualize ones true potential, takes daily practice. Overcoming self limiting beliefs and developing a new and more satisfying self concept is like changing the course of a river. Digging away at the river bank, daily consciousness and strategies for positive change need to be applied so that the river of the mind can take a new course and one can begin to experience oneself in new and exciting ways, free to fully be your most authentic and powerful self, outside of the cage of others'opinions and the fears of a doubting mind.


    I see the therapeutic relationship as a partnership in which the intelligence and wisdom of the client joins with that of the therapist to create a safe and trusting space, so that a journey of self discovery, personal empowerment and full self expression can be achieved. In addition to what is achieved in sessions, I provide simple but powerful emotional/spiritual "exercises" for willing clients to do. This creates a link between sessions and speeds up the change process considerably. Dreams, writings, imagination and art are all welcome contributions to this exciting journey.