• Family Therapy

    Structural family Therapy provides the opportunity for the members of a family to learn about the roles that each member plays, the effect that members have on each other and how that either supports or undermines the growth, happiness and full potential of its members.


    Through structural family therapy, learning to communicate in truthful, compassionate and mutually respectful ways, past hurts can be forgiven, healthy growth and separation from the family can be supported and family members can learn to respect each others differences and abilities instead of needing to judge and sabotage each other. A healthy family can be a source of great comfort and strength to its members when helped to be so by family counseling.


    When families work with me through family counseling, I provide a safe place for all members to slow down, listen and be heard. As a mutually respectful dialogue emerges, family members can, sometimes for the first time, begin to understand each other’s needs, thoughts and feelings better. This allows for the possibility of greater closeness and cooperation for all. If all goes well, the family can become a highly cherished resource to all of its members, one of the greatest blessings in life.


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